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What is BioAssemblyBot?

The BioAssemblyBot™ multi-axis robot is the next stage of evolution in 3D printing technology and is ideally suited for the precision required to assemble:

  • cell systems and assays
  • experimental tissue models
  • organ models
  • microfluidic platforms
  • implant systems


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BioAssemblyBot Features


BioAssemblyBot Specifications

Robot Arm Compact Clean Room 6-Axis Robot
  • (ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 / CE / JIS B 8433 / UL1740)
  • Repeatedly up to 20µm (Note: print accuracy is a function of dispensing tip, material and printing conditions)
Integrated HMI Human-machine interface works seamlessly with TSIM
Syringe Storage Automatically changes between up to 8 independent syringe barrels
Video Camera Displays live feed from inside the BioAssemblyBot
Arm Length Horizontal Reach (to mounting face): 665mm
Horizontal Reach (to wrist center): 600mm
Vertical Reach (to mounting face): 885mm
Vertical Reach (to wrist center): 820mm
Outer Dimensions 935mm (w) x 744.5mm (d) x 1343mm (h)
Print Stage 300mm (w) x 250mm (d) x 150mm (h)
Weight 166 kg (365 lbs)
Environmental Temperature: 5° - 40° C (41° - 104° F)
Humidity: 10 - 80% (non condensing)
Connections Input Power 120VAC C14 Connector
RJ45 CAT-5
USB input (x2)
Pneumatic air fitting
3D Printing Envelope 250mm (w) x 300mm (d) x 250mm (h)
BioAssemblyBot Workflow

How does it work?

Beginning with TSIM™ software, users will construct biological models that can then be fabricated utilizing the BioAssemblyBot. Next, the BioAssemblyBot will automatically calibrate the position of the arm using laser sensors. The robot arm then moves to the storage rack, selects the proper syringe from the storage rack based on the assigned material from the TSIM Software, and dispenses the exact amount of material in order to construct the biological model.

The BioAssemblyBot is equipped with a multi-function end effector containing devices that facilitate automated syringe exchange, syringe tip auto-calibration, and stage leveling utilities.

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BioAssemblyBot HMI

BioAssemblyBot HMI   BioAssemblyBot HMI   BioAssemblyBot HMI   BioAssemblyBot HMI
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